Welcome to Imatrex

Imatrex is a leader in the development of advanced imaging solutions for the medical device market. Much of the technology developed to date has been transferred to international companies through licensing and joint venture partnerships for commercialization. At present Imatrex has a small team who support EBCT scanners in the field with service agreements and sale of electron guns and related spare parts.

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 2nd Gen EBCT


High-Value Radiotherapy


Expanding the World Market

 A new type of EBCT, referred to as Dual-Source EBCT, is significantly faster, with a very compact footprint, competitive in price to current compact mechanical CT scanners. Read More   The Precision RT system is truly revolutionary in its design, capabilities, and performance. Importantly it can be delivered at a more competitive price than conventional RT systems. Read More   Bringing needed medical technology to all nations of the world. Read More

Our Mission

To improve medical device access to the world by reducing cost using a high tech approach to increase performance.



A fast, low dose CT scanner at half the cost of similar features image scanners.


Provide improved accuracy under motion, which will reduce the amount of healthy tissue in the treatment field


Amazing workflow, the patient receives imaging and treatment, with more precision in each session.


Why the World Needs our Products

Availability of radiotherapy machine