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  • Realtime tumor of tumors and surrounding soft tissue structures
  • Image updates at a rate of 1/sec or faster during actual radiation therapy
  • Realtime updates to the treatment plan and adjustment of the DMLC
  • No moving parts - focal positions are adjusted electronically with a scanning eBeam
  • System may be retrofitted to existing Radiotherapy Gantries
  • Provides video sequence record of both the radiotherapy beam and the tumor position during the course of treatment since by saving the Portal Imaging data.


  • Radiation treatment plans can be more tightly focused on the tumor with less exposure to surrounding tissue
  • Higher exposures to the actual tumor volume may be possible increasing the rate of local control and potentially reducing the number of radiation fractions necessary
  • The availability of on gantry near-CT quality imaging may improve work flow for the verification of proper patient positioning
  • Ultimately improvements in both local control and therapy outcomes can be expected.

650px CroppedScreenshot1withArrowAbout 2/3 of cancer patients will receive radiation therapy of their cancer during the course of treatment. Since the most common site for cancer is the lung, the target tumor may be moving by 3cm or more during the course of therapy. Since the exact position of the tumor over time is unknown the radiation treatment plan typically must treat a volume considerably larger than the actual tumor to allow for motion. This exposure of healthy surrounding tissue often limits the effectiveness of the treatment. Image Guided Radiotherapy attempts to image the exact tumor position in realtime and adjust the position of the radiation therapy beam accordingly, thus enabling much better targeting of the actual malignant tissue. Current methods of realtime imaging have proven impractical or insufficient for this purpose. Imatrex is developing a new type of realtime tumor imaging that is called Beams-Eye-View Tomosynthesis (BEVT) and employs a unique Imatrex designed mulit-source X-ray tube placed in the radiotherapy gantry near the radiation collimator.