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12.7 million

New Cancers  each Year

7.6 million

Annual deaths from Cancer


Deaths in Underdeveloped Nations

1.61 million

Lung Cancer Most Common

Availability of radiotherapy machine

An Under-served World

Cancer does not discriminate based on race, finance, or geography. First world nations enjoy the best in medical technologies while 70% of the world population is without essential diagnostic and treatment equipment.

Mission Statement

We can change that. Our technology promises to bring superior diagnostic and treatment capabilities while reducing cost and increasing performance.  With your financial assistance, we can make this reality come true.

Development Team


Douglas P. Boyd, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer & Board of Directors
Pioneer of High-Speed Medical Imaging

sam song 200

Samuel P. Song, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer & Board of Directors
Image Processing Expert

vitaliy ziskin

Vitaliy Ziskin, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research and Development
Electron Beam Technology Expert


Michael D. Weil, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer &
Board of Directors for Precision RT, Inc


Bernard M. Gordon
Board of Directors
Father of High-Speed Analog-to-Digital Conversion