Imatrex founders pioneered in the development of Cardiac CT Scanning since the early 1980s. The first generation Electron Beam CT Scanner (EBCT) developed at Imatron dominated the field of cardiac CT for two decades. Telesecurity Sciences has been a collaborator with another company on the development of the first EBCT scanner for checked luggage inspection at airports. Based on new technology developed over the last several years, it is now possible to design a new 2nd generation EBCT scanner for Cardiac Imaging that will be smaller, less costly, and faster than the original Imatron scanners. Current cardiac CT scanners in the market are two slow for most cardiac imaging work, and depend on the use of invasive beta blockers to slow the heart rate in order to get usable images. This hinders the original goal of cardiac CT which was to offer a less invasive alternative to competing cardiac imaging techniques. As a result the market for cardiac CT scanners has been constrained and only reached approximately 10% of its full potential.2nd gen 004

Based on technology currently under development for the Imatrex TumoTrack™ product together with the experience gained from participation in the eBeam luggage product, a new type of EBCT referred to as Dual-Source EBCT is proposed. The new scanner has a very compact footprint, competitive in size to current compact mechanical CT scanners. By use of a sealed vacuum system, the cost and size is further reduced. A new low-cost, multi-row detector system will enable much fast study times including the potential for realtime CT Angiography.


TSS/Imatrex has filed patent applications describing the new EBCT and is in the process of submitting NIH proposals to provide seed funding to support a more detailed design demonstration. Depending on the availability of funding, we propose to begin development of this product as a follow-on to the TumoTrack™ engineering development.

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