Current generation multi-slice CT scanners are expensive and have been criticized for producing high radiation exposure to patients. Because of the cost and exposure, such scanners are usually only available in hospitals and hospital-affiliated imaging centers. Our hope, with the Ovis series multi-slice scanners, can become widely available to physicians as a simple screening study at the time of an annual physical.

Ovis CT Scanner

Imatrex has been exploring methods and algorithms that demonstrate the potential to reduce radiation exposure for CT examinations significantly. The result in development, the Ovis series, is a product line that will have a price point suitable for use in physician offices, and a low radiation exposure profile that is typically considered safe for screening purposes. Also, by pulsing the X-ray source as the gantry rotates, the Imatrex developed Tomofluoroscopy™ technology can reconstruct 3-D images of the patient in real-time, at a fraction of the dose required by the standard CT protocol.


Ovis 100 CT scanner by Imatrex

Ovis 100 76cm bore size

Ovis 100 32 slice CT scanner