2020 LCRS GantryThe Precision RT kV (Kilovoltage) Linac system is truly revolutionary in its design, capabilities, and performance. Most important is that it can be marketed at a price ten times less than conventional RT systems.

The benefits of this system include:

  • Most cost-effective Radiation Therapy system in the world
  • Systems effectiveness that matches and is better than most conventional Radiation Therapy systems
  • Minimizes dose to healthy tissue by using the TumoTrakTM System - providing real-time feedback on the location of the tumor
  • Small footprint
  • Uses Kilovoltage versus Megavoltage
  • Designed to be used in conventional x-ray rooms
  • Does not require a specially shielded and fabricated therapy room
  • Designed for low and middle-income regions



A large portion of the world has limited or no access to radiation therapy as a cancer treatment. Currently, radiation therapy systems cost $5 million or more. This high cost limits these systems to first-world countries with publicly funded healthcare and for-profit privatized cancer treatment centers. There are very few RT systems in low and medium-income locations because the cost of life-saving equipment is often out of reach. High cost, limited availability, and lack of resources contribute to the figure of 70% of cancer cases worldwide receiving neither curative nor palliative therapy. It is estimated that half of the resulting deaths might be prevented. The map (below) demonstrates the dire need for affordable medical equipment.

Availability of radiotherapy machine per million people

Our objective is to tackle this problem by producing highly effective and low-cost RT systems that are 10X less expensive than conventional RT systems. This Precision RT system is based on IP licensed from Dr. Weil of Sirius Medicine. Dr. Weil's concept uses lower-cost, lower energy x-ray sources, combined with unique collimation and radiation schemes to deliver both medically effective and cost-effective Radiation Therapy.

By harnessing and developing Dr. Weil’s low-cost radiation therapy approach, Precision RT will provide cost-effective, medically effective radiation therapy. The system will be suitably priced to penetrate the market requirements for low and middle-income regions, thereby satisfying a strong and compelling need for cost-effective radiotherapy.

Unlike other RT systems currently on the market, Precision RT combines RT with real-time Computed Tomographic imaging. This combination allows real-item imaging during therapy sessions. Real-time imaging benefits the therapeutic process by narrowing the treatment focus on the tumor and minimizing the dose to surrounding healthy tissues. This benefit is magnified when treating tumors, such as lung cancer, associated with extensive body movement during the treatment.